About Us

Eyerus Games is an Indie game development company founded by Neal Ambridge. Eyerus games has grown from a non-existent project to a fully-fledged website and is now run by a crack team of friends (Neal Ambridge, Nick Pietrobon, and Aidan Crowther).

We are committed to ushering a fun, immersive gaming experience at the convenience of the gamer and wish to remain in constant contact with the fan community through social media.

Social Media

Eyerus Games is connected by many types of social media: a Facebook fan page for updates, a Twitter for exclusive game news from Neal Ambridge, a subreddit for discussion on current games, a YouTube channel for monthly updates about Eyerus games, and a GameJolt page for optional achievements and bonuses on games.

Click on the links above to be sent to each social media page.

Latest Mundus Patch (0.2.3)

This is the release patch for Mundus

look forward to many more patches in the near future

Creative Commons License
Eyerus Games by Neal Ambridge is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License